2018/01/19 00:00:00

Details of each competition

1. Solo freestyle

2017 FAI rules apply.

2 mandatory rounds.

5 free rounds (music will be a plus 😉 ).

Both compulsory rounds and free routines will be rated on technical difficulty, presentation, and execution.

2-way dynamic

4-way dynamic

Speed rounds only. The faster the better !

The number of qualification rounds is yet to be determined.

We will then go on to a tournament style battle.

An optional free routine is possible, with the music of your choice. We want to put a big show together at the end of the competition. This is not mandatory, but if you want to shine, this is your chance to show your style on national TV.

Note: A competitor can be a member of only one team per discipline.

Download Freestyle rules
Download 2way dynamic rules
Download 4way dynamic rules

By registering, all competitors agree to be filmed and the resultant images shall be owned exclusively by iFLY Lyon.